We from icoinic have developed and perfected several market strategies. Our clients can benefit from these strategies when partaking in the “Icoinic Actively Traded Fund” the “Icoinic Long Term Growth Fund” or the "Icoinic Algorithmic Fund". Our traders keep a close eye on the market for both funds and are constantly working on optimizing our efficiency. All this is made possible by our team of specialists with various backgrounds, like years of experience with the traditional market as well as with digital assets. It is this unique combination that enables icoinic to approach the volatile market from a different perspective, resulting in a competitive edge.


Physical location,
the trading center of the Netherlands


High knowledge of digital assets
by constant monitoring


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All digital assets secured to the highest security standards

Why invest?

Icoinic’s team has years of experience in the digital asset market and has thereby managed to build an extensive network comprising of specialists and big names within the industry. This gives icoinic an advantage and enables us to detect new opportunities prematurely.

The crypto market is young and extremely volatile at times. Hardly anyone has time to monitor the market day and night in order to respond timely to rises in the exchange rate or to cover themselves for sudden changes. However, this is exactly what our analysts within the Icoinic Actively Traded Fund do. The market is scoured day and night for new opportunities to gain profit while closely overseeing risk management at the same time.

Aside from the Actively Traded Fund there is also the Long Term Growth Fund. This fund is long-term focused. Every day, we extensively search for new projects which will have the biggest impact on the industry and will thereby generate the highest return. The investments within the fund are adapted to our new vision on a bi-weekly base.

Since October 2018 Icoinic also offers an Algorithmic Fund. This fund acts with a fully automated preconceived strategy. The strategy is continuously adapted to market conditions of that moment. Our traders and developers monitor the Algorithmic fund 24/7

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