Icoinic Long Term Growth Fund

The icoinic index fund is a fund that invests in a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. This fund is being recalibrated on a monthly base. Our active traders use their expertise to pick the right digital assets.

This fund is for participants who dare to take and carry a high risk.

  • Strategy: Long term growth
  • Minimum investment amount: €100.000,-
  • Entry & Redemption moments: Thursday 17:00
  • Mutual fund, fiscally transparent, individuals fall in Box 3
  • Participations in Euro's
  • Management fee: equal to 2 % per year, deducted weekly
  • Performance fee: 20% for performance above the High Watermark, calculated and deducted on a weekly basis
  • Redemption fees: 1% of the redemption amount
  • Trading fees that are charged to the fund by exchanges, fees may vary

Long Term Growth management

Long term growth management means that our traders keep a close eye on the markets. They review the portfolio on a monthly basis and rebalance where necessary. The choices for this fund are made on the basis of established strategies. This fund will not participate in ICOs (initial coin offerings) This fund has the vast majority of its assets in so-called cold storage solutions.

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