Icoinic Actively Traded Fund

The Icoinic Digital Asset Fund is the first active trading fund in digital assets of The Netherlands. Traders are actively working on improving asset allocations throughout the day.

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  • Strategy: Actively management
  • Minimum investment amount: €100.000,-
  • Entry & Redemption moments: Thursday 17:00
  • Mutual fund, fiscally transparent, individuals fall in Box 3
  • Participations in Euro's
  • Management fee: equal to 2% per year, deducted weekly
  • Performance fee: 20% for performance above the High Watermark, calculated and deducted on a weekly basis
  • Redemption fees: 1% of the redemption amount
  • Trading fees that are charged to the fund by exchanges, fees may vary

AITF Active Management

The Icoinic Team is located at the Amsterdam trading floor at Beursplein 5, where it closely monitors the market. This is done by means of multiple market strategies that were developed by icoinic employees. This way, one can always benefit from rises in the exchange rate, while losses are minimized. Through extensive knowledge about the market as well as start-up companies the fund manager can decide whether or not to partake in ICO's (initial coin offerings). Our large network often enables us to allocate assets before the ICO date, which can result in a more profitable outcome.

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