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Managing Director

Synnofin: Wealth Preservation Fund

Elected best Dutch crypto fund Icoinic may also call itself the brand-new owner of the oldest crypto fund of the Netherlands. The acquisition of Synnofin, established in 2014, means further expansion of Icoinic’s services in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The fund is a great addition to our current portfolio as it has the longest reputation and registration with the AFM.

The acquisition is also a response to the banks negative interest rates. Where clients will have to pay to store their money at a bank in the foreseeable future, the Synnofin fund aims to preserve wealth instead. The algorithmic traders at Icoinic developed a strategy which combines the high-frequency trading of the algorithm at a lower riskprofile, resulting in milder returns. The algorithms are trained to be able to respond directly to market developments, which is a big advantage on the highly volatile crypto markets.

More information

The Synnofin Wealth Preservation Fund, powered by Icoinic, concludes contracts until the 1st of March, after which the fund will be activated on the 1st of March. Interested in receiving the prospectus? Visit the synnofin.org website and leave your details in the form, we will contact you in January 2020 with detailed information.