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Ethereum 2.0

As Bitcoin started to increase in popularity, Ethereum entered the scene in 2015. Besides being a new decentralized cryptocurrency, Ethereum brought decentralized smart contracts to the masses as well. This opened the door to endless possibilities due to the smart contracts being Turing complete, which is very interesting for companies looking to improve their efficiency or even create entirely new business models. Since then, the crypto market has boomed with thousands of projects that either aimed to improve on what Ethereum had set up or came up with new models of their own. Ethereum is currently still the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap after Bitcoin despite the efforts of the competition.

Crypto returns compared to Traditional Markets!

With the advent of technology and financial instruments, the case for diversification is stronger than ever. Derivatives allow investors and businesses to hedge their risk against foreign currency, commodity prices, and stocks.

Bitcoin investment as risk diversification

While Bitcoin is still generally seen as an investment that is far too risky to add to a portfolio by traditional market participants, they can actually serve a great purpose to one’s portfolio, even for the traditional investors. The Bitcoin price can be extremely volatile, but that does not mean that it is riskier in every way. An example of how Bitcoin can aid in diversifying the risk exposure of your portfolio is the recent outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

Do trends predict prices?

Trends, hypes, mentions and how much a topic is discussed in the public discourse can indicate a potential investment opportunity. Can the same be said for the cryptocurrency markets?

Number of futures on Binance is growing exponential

In the near future, a lot more derivative products will become available to traders/investors. A good example of this is the recent developments seen at Binance which has become increasingly focused on listing futures for its users.

Crypto holiday volume

A tendency in the traditional markets is that a part of traders, professionals, and institutions stop trading during the holiday periods. Thus, dips in volume can be seen in the days during Christmas and around New Year’s Eve. The exact levels of traded volume are difficult to forecast since it is affected by many factors. The number of active market participants is definitely one and that shows a clear pattern of fall during the December holidays.

Is Bitcoin ready for a pre-halving rally?

Bitcoin started 2020 off in a great way, as the price of Bitcoin rallied with 37%, producing a significant monthly candle. On a fundamental note, BItcoin seems to be reacting to global economic threats. Examples are the recent tension between Iran and the United States, but also the coronavirus in China.

Derivatives in the cryptocurrency market (2)

There are multiple derivatives available to trade on the cryptocurrency market. Each has its own advantages compared to simply trading the spot price. The derivatives that are available today are: Futures CFDs Options ETPs

Derivatives in the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency trading and investing are becoming increasingly popular. As more people are drawn to the young market, more financial products become available to both speculate on price movements as well as limit risk. These products derive their value from an underlying asset, the spot market, and are known as derivatives.

Decentralized Finance overview

While using decentralized networks to power financial products has advantages, it also brings challenges. Key challenges that have to be overcome are possible conflicting laws in different jurisdictions, rights and obligations of the participants, and the clarity and enforceability of the legal basis for any payment and its settlement finality.

Icoinic Acquires Synnofin Fund

Elected best Dutch crypto fund Icoinic may also call itself the brand-new owner of the oldest crypto fund of the Netherlands. The acquisition Synnofin, established in 2014, means further expansion of Icoinic's services in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin halving event!

Roughly every ten minutes, a block is produced by a miner through Proof of Work and added to the Bitcoin Blockchain. As a reward, the miner gets a certain amount of Bitcoin for every block it produced. This reward is about to be cut in half in 2020. Exactly what type of effect this will have on the Bitcoin price is an actively debated topic within the cryptocurrency community.

The Libra Project 3/3

On the 23rd of October 2019, Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, came before the Committee of Financial Services. The talking points of the 6-hour long hearing before the congressmen and congresswomen of the committee were the "Examination of Facebook and its impacts on the Financial Services and Housing sectors."

The Libra Project 2/3

By design, Libra and its ecosystem are permissioned. Only appointed members can join the Association and govern the blockchain.

Bitcoin Price Showing Similarities with previous Bull Market

While the price surged from $7,300 to $10,500 on the 25th of October 2019, the macro view starts to show similarities with the previous bull market. This article will focus on the similarities and possible perspectives of Bitcoin movements in the coming period.

The Libra project 1/3

The following weeks we will discuss the Libra project, Libra Association, regulations surround Libra and the Association, and the controversy that comes with being associated with Facebook.

Altcoins: Penny Stocks on Cocaïne

Altcoins are often seen as the more extreme Cryptocurrency equivalent of penny stocks (and low market cap stocks) in the traditional market due to a number of reasons.

Binance IEOS, the three majors!

The last post touched briefly about the basics of an IEO. This post will Highlight three IEOs that were done on the Binance launch pad, namely, BitTorrent, Elrond, and Matic. These three are selected because they provide either real-life utility with chances of adoption, enormous return on investment or shows promise for the future.

IEO, is it safe?

An IEO, Initial Exchange Offering, is a fundraising event that is administered by an exchange, contrary to an ICO, where the project conducts the fundraising itself.

Cryptocurrency VS Stock Market!

More people choose to invest in cryptocurrencies over the traditional stock market. But there are important differences between the two investment styles.

Amsterdamse Icoinic wint Cashcow Award 2019

Cryptofonds Icoinic heeft in de Beurs van Berlage de Cashcow Award gewonnen voor het beste Nederlandse cryptofonds.

Crypto regulations!

Due to the novelty of the virtual currencies, very few regulations are made. There are a few challenges the EU has to overcome regarding cryptocurrencies.

Gratis boekje over crypto en blockchain, vraag nu aan!

Voor veel mensen is crypto en blockchain nog een onbekende wereld. Dit boekje bevat alle ins en outs van crypto, blockchain en het beleggen in crypto’s.

Icoinic @ Telegraaf TV

Have you seen our managing director Arthur Stolk at the Telegraaf TV already? The episode has been posted online. Here you will find a link to the video.

How to value a cryptocurrency

There is a floating rate and a fixed rate. A floating rate, is determined by the open market through supply and demand on global currency markets.

Rondleiding en masterclass tijdens beleggersfair

ICOINIC kan u een uniek programma aanbieden tijdens de beleggersfair met een rondleiding op de Amsterdamse beurs en een masterclass over digitale valuta!

5 Different investment fund strategies

There are currently five types of strategies that investment funds in the cryptocurrency space use. Each one of them has its own benefits and risks.

We’re nominated for the CashCow Award!

We are really excited to be a finalist at the CashCow Award, category 'Best Dutch Cryptofund'! Can you help us, win the award?

Algorithmic trading: tips, tricks, and how-to’s

In this article, we’ll provide some practical insights into algorithmic trading - such as the different types of algorithmic trading in crypto.

Bitcoin dominance points to altcoins upside

Bitcoin dominance points to altcoins upside. Currently, there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies, of which 2493 are listed and tracked.

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