Algorithmic Fund - Algoritmisch fonds van Icoinic B.V.


Attention! This investment falls outside AFM supervision. No license and no prospectus required for this activity.  






Current value

Current values on this page represent an estimate of the value of the fund and are intended only to monitor the estimated performance of the fund more closely. Estimates are locked at 17:00 for a daily value estimate, after 17:00 a value estimate for the next day will be presented. Withdrawals and deposits cannot be processed as frequent as the value calculation on this website. The only formal NAV is calculated every Thursday at 17:00. All withdrawals and deposits will be processed in accordance with our terms and conditions. No rights can be derived from the value estimations presented on the website.

We have developed our own benchmark with the same portfolio composition as the fund, but with a Buy&Hold strategy. This means that all differences in performance are a direct result of our trading algorithms. The benchmark is updated daily at 18:00.

Icoinic Algorithmic Fund

Our Icoinic Algorithmic fund is optimized and monitored 24/7 by our analysts and developers. Market conditions being key, it applies various strategies to yield better results from high-risk funds. This fund is suitable for participants who dare and are able to carry a high risk.

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How we work

– Strategy: Algorithmic
– Minimum investment amount: €100.000,-
– Entry & Redemption moments: Thursday 17:00
– Mutual fund, fiscally transparent, individuals fall in Box 3
– Participations in Euro’s


– Management fee: equal to 2% per year, deducted weekly
– Performance fee: 20% for performance above the High Watermark, calculated and deducted on a monthly basis
– Redemption fees: 1% of the redemption amount
– Trading fees that are charged to the fund by exchanges, fees may vary


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