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Icoinic is the first Digital Asset Fund of The Netherlands located at the financial heart of The Netherlands; Beursplein 5. Icoinic manages to combine experienced traditional traders with young crypto specialists and developers with knowledge in all topics relating to investment in and trading of crypto assets. This unique composition of experts from various fields provides Icoinic with a competitive advantage in this young but vibrant market.

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Icoinic Digital Asset Fund
Symbool Algorithmic Fund With White Background - Icoinic B.V.
Algorithmic Fund
Our clever algorithm spots market opportunities faster than any human trader.
  • Exciting new investment opportunities in a fast-growing market of digital assets;
  • Accessible funds for the progressive-minded investor;
  • Optimal returns with an active approach;
  • A team of specialists in both the traditional and digital assets market;
  • Newly developed, proven strategies to utilize the rapid movements within the market;
  • Traders and analysts for 24/7 monitoring at Beursplein 5;
  • Fast responding to price fluctuations at any time;
  • Expert insights to a unique and effective way of trading.

Icoinic is not subject to AFM supervision and therefore does not require a prospectus.

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